The Radleys

Bloody book. That’s all I can say. Except I’ll most likely go on to say a little bit more.

I have a problem with using the word ‘bloody’. The first time I had a need for it was at the age of 13, in the company of my penpal from deepest Surrey. I wanted to describe something covered with blood, and ‘bloody’ felt like a reasonable way of turning the noun ‘blood’ into an adjective. Miss Surrey nearly fainted and told me it was not all right to say something so awful. (Properly brought up, she was.) So I spent years and years looking for another word that would adequately describe stuff with blood on top.

OK, so I’ve lost any vampire virginity I may have suffered from. If suffering is the correct term here.

Matt Haig’s The Radleys looked more amusing before I read it than after, if you don’t take that the wrong way. None of the Cullen veggie vampirism, or whatever rot it is Edward claims. It is humorous in parts, but all that killing and blood sucking is a little nasty when you stop and think of it. And I’m grateful for being both veggie and a non-drinker as far as red wine is concerned. Ew.

The Radleys is one of the crossover novels published simultaneously by Walker Books and Canongate, and I have to say ‘crossover?’ ‘Includes some adult content’ it says chirpily on the back cover. That it does. And I’ll take normal sex any day instead of sucking blood. Not that I suck blood.

The Radleys

So we have this nice and normal family. Peter and Helen are the normal parents. Boring as parents are supposed to be. Then there’s Clara and Rowan, the teenagers with nausea and pale skin and rashes and insomnia. I mean, couldn’t they work out what’s wrong, just from that? Enter bad uncle. Very bad uncle.

As I said, there is too much wanton killing going on, for this to count as a fun sort of book. And can you really expect it to end happily?

The Resident IT Consultant enjoyed this book. To be truthful I’m shocked. What’s happened to his standards?

Truthfully, I enjoyed it, too. Or I will have done, once I stop gagging. Always knew Manchester’s an exciting place to be.

But there is crossover, and there is crossover.

One response to “The Radleys

  1. I was wondering if the Radleys might be residents of Royston Vasey?

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