Lucy Coats and her lucky coat

It’s your lucky day today. You are about to have a second post, so that I can tie up this festival business.

On our way south, we called in for a last little something in Charlotte Square. The very, very kind Lucy Coats had magicked tickets for us for her school event on Greek Myths. Well, what else? So it was us and a few hundred smallish children. And Lucy’s lovely red coat.

She started off with the more modern stuff, like Nike and Ambrosia and Atlas. Then she stealthily moved through Percy Jackson and Hagrid’s little dog and Doctor Who, to the real Greek stuff. The myths, of which one astute child asked her ‘are they real?’

Sort of.

Lucy Coats

Lucy has been on Blue Peter, and she has her badge. Well done! Her Granny had some connection to Rudyard Kipling, and Lucy really doesn’t care for Achilles. Before we knew where we were, storytime was over.

Despite Lucy having a very sore throat, she asked us in for tea. So we gossiped a little, before we braved the tiny hordes out on the grass again.

4 responses to “Lucy Coats and her lucky coat

  1. How small is “smallish”?

  2. Kathryn Evans

    Ah Bookwitch – thanks so much for your highlights – I feel as if I was ( almost) there.

  3. But you were, Kathryn! All of you were there with me. Probably why it felt so crowded, now that I think of it.

  4. “smallish” is about 7 or 8. Some of them were bigger, and some more wee (if we’re sticking to the Scottish theme), Me!!!!
    Thanks from me too, Bookwitch. You make my talk sound almost coherent and much less dragon-squeaky voiced than it was. And your lovely photographer nearly makes me look human! 🙂

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