I would have worn midnight. If I’d known…

Instead I wore that old staple of mine; purple. Terry Pratchett doesn’t (or didn’t) like purple. How can anyone not like purple?

As I may have mentioned last week, Son and I seriously overshot our allotted time with Terry, but that was not our fault. And you’ll find that this conversation isn’t so much me talking, or even asking questions. It’s more that I pressed a start button and Terry talked. It’s something he does well.

Terry Pratchett

And if you’re wondering how he was; I didn’t ask, specifically. But I thought Terry looked in very good shape, and disconcertingly he was able to remember what I said last time. So none of this telling your favourite joke twice.

Having gone off to bed instead of waiting for a signature in our copies of I Shall Wear Midnight, Son asked for a signature while we were chatting. ‘I can put a squiggle on,’ Terry said.

‘Yes, I don’t even need the stamp of authenticity’, Son said. ‘I’m sure you are you.’

‘If I’m not, then someone is doing a bloody good impersonation’.

2 responses to “I would have worn midnight. If I’d known…

  1. I´d say purple is the most perfect, witchy colour!

  2. I always thought so.

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