Bookwitch bites #23

You know how you always hate the way you look in photographs? (Unless you are a little bit narcissistic.) Well, I think it’s time people recognise that they look good to others, in some of those photos. Last year at the Edinburgh Book Festival I published a photo of Theresa Breslin, which she didn’t like. So I changed it. I still maintain it’s a good picture, but Theresa is allowed to disagree.

I was thinking of this when I saw the photo of her that accompanied the interview by Michelle Pauli in the Guardian last week. It may have been taken by the great Murdo Macleod himself, but he seems to go for the weirdly interesting rather than leaving women looking beautiful. Anyway, there is an interview, and that is good.

There is another issue of Armadillo magazine out now, so feel free to pop over for some reviews and stuff.


Somewhat late, but better that than never, here is a photo of Derek Landy with his greatest fan Charlie. Both very fine looking boys. The book they’re smiling over isn’t half bad either.

Queen Cathy

And the Queen of Teen has been crowned and it is Cathy Cassidy! Excellent choice, and Cathy looks right at home in that crown, doesn’t she? And only marginally pink. Very queenly hair.

It almost makes me wish I’d had the strength to travel down to Godalming to join them in their pinkness after all. Although I gather Cathy had the support of Meg Rosoff, and possibly that of Doc Martens.

5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #23

  1. I completely agree about that photo of Theresa Breslin! A dramatic, moody, striking composition on the page, but it is hardly recognisable as Theresa at all. Is there a word for the extreme opposite of “flattering”? Shame on you, Murdo of the Lens. (On the other hand, it wasn’t pink, was it?)

  2. Grey. Very grey.

    I’ve found that people are excited when my photographer produces a good photo of them, and they often ask permission to use it. They wouldn’t if she went the ‘artistic’ route. Or could she start charging vast sums of money by making her subjects grey and moody?

  3. Whooh Docs!!!!!
    CC’s hair is nice, but oh the embarrasment of being crowned Queen of Teen. The pink books, with their shiny covers.

    And just to say, but, Charlie’s gotten quite tall. Since the interview with Derek.

  4. Tall and handsome. I actually found a photo from Derek’s first visit, too, and could barely recognise Charlie in that one.

    Oh well, grey hair and wrinkles won’t be long now…

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