Knowing when to stop

I’m knackered. I’m so grateful I’m not ‘on the road’ right now. But I most likely would have been if lack of funds had not prevented me from booking a few more trips to do with books. So that’s good.

It’s very easy to decide to do something when that something is in the future. I just look at the programme and think how much I’d like to see X or hear Y, or simply that it’d be generally fun to be at the Z book festival. It’s like going shopping for food when you’re hungry.

Today is the last day of the Gothenburg Book Fair. Despite this year’s programme not being totally to my taste, I was very tempted by it. A good many of the Nordic murderers were there. Along with Alexander McCall Smith, on account of this year’s theme being Africa. Hence Henning Mankell, and Deon Meyer. Nadine Gordimer. Sophia Jansson, various famous singers (Swedish ones) and Eva Gabrielsson of Stieg Larsson fame. This year’s ALMA winner, Kitty Crowther. Etc.

Luckily Experience spoke to me. She said that after Edinburgh I’d be so relieved not to be going anywhere else. I’m glad she knew.

On that basis, and had I gone to Gothenburg, I knew I wouldn’t get to Bath this year either. I’ve spent several years not going to Bath. Bath, of course, is special in that it’s only children’s books and children’s authors. So it’s really where I ought to be. But then, half the authors in Bath I’ve already seen elsewhere.

I’ve not even looked at the Wigtown Book Festival. Well, truthfully, I have, but only just now. I had to quickly avert my eyes, and I told myself that finding somewhere to stay would be really hard. And travelling could present problems. Probably. I only knew it’s on, as everyone on facebook seems to be going.


And don’t get me started on Cheltenham. I so want to go. But at the same time I’m blessing every day I have at home, with nothing special happening at all. I wake up and (almost) smile at the thought that I can cook and clean and blog and not go anywhere.

I may even get to my two remaining interviews. Once I’ve found a little more of the house under all the assorted debris. One thing Experience forgot to mention was the effect of seven weeks away while the house still had someone living in it.


4 responses to “Knowing when to stop

  1. You’re so lucky, that you get the choice to go to all these events. I’d go to all of them, but I suppose you’ve been and seen so many times that you’re used to it and not jumping, when somebody announces “it’s festival season”

    And also how can you smile from cooking and cleaning?

  2. Well, Me!!!!, I have the choice because I’m not in paid employment, so have the time. Sort of. But not the money, as I’m not in paid employment. And I’m an adult, so am allowed to travel, but being an adult isn’t all fun. Mostly, though. : )

    I hate housework. The thing that almost makes me smile is being able to do some if it when it has become an extremely dire dire emergency and necessity, and having the whole day in which to fit it into. Trying to do the same amount of housework in half an hour when you’re extra tired is sometimes a little hard.

    The other day I removed some eight-year-old dust from certain items on full display, and close up they were worse than I’d imagined.

    But, I AM addicted to book festivals and author events. I now need to work on finding some hotels which would love to put me up for free in high festival season. Can’t be too difficult…

    However, you may find when you’re ancient that even fun things make you disgustingly tired.

  3. Another gothenburg book fair I wasn’t invited to. Do you think I’m too keen? Should I play hard to get? Would anyone notice?

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