Twelve don’t go to Anglesey

Or ‘how to fail at getting Daughter to read’. Something. Anything.

She went on a Geology field trip to Anglesey last week. So obviously they were going to spend lots of time staring at rocks. And other geological things. But you just never know what you might want if you wake up in the middle of the night in a strange place. Or if your room mates are boring.

Small luggage allowance in the college minibus meant we decided on just one very good paperback. But which one? Daughter wanted it to be adventurous. ‘It will be, dear’ I said. ‘Oh, the book you mean?’

Nothing girlie. Not too long. Not scary.

I dug out twelve contenders to share with the waterproofs and thick socks. They were: Between two Seas, Burn my Heart, Chains, Crossing the Line, Halo, Hootcat Hill, Ondine, Revolver, The Cat Kin, The Night of the Burning, Time Riders, When I Was Joe.

Having lined them up (sorted according to colour of the covers) on the piano, we met and she pruned. Oh how she pruned. Too pink. Too chavvy (cover). Scary dragon. No. Don’t get it. Too political. No. No religion. Prefer to read this at home. (!) Don’t think so.

Then it was down to two. Halo and Between Two Seas. Hard choice, but Between Two Seas ‘spoke’ to her.

So this historical tale set in Jutland was the one that got squeezed into her bag. The one she would have read, had she read a book there.

Oh well.

(Looking on the bright side, at least she didn’t tear the pages out and stuff them inside her boots to make them dry faster. Seeing as they had no newspaper to stuff with.)


8 responses to “Twelve don’t go to Anglesey

  1. A geology field trip! Oh, the memories. I did geology A-level. Loved it. Lots of tramping over cliffs in all weathers, armed with a bloody great hammer, chisel and clinometer. A school subject in which you get to hit rocks really hard and ride around in a van like the A Team. What’s not to love?

    I hope The Cat Kin wasn’t the ‘too chavvy’ one.

  2. It was the ‘prefer to read it at home’ book. Whatever that means. Tomorrow? Never?

  3. Just realised as I read this post, that I havn’t read any of those books. I have now added them to my “must read” list, so that will not be the case for long.
    And also I’ve just finished reading “Small minded giants” by Oisín McGann, and you’re right, Oisín is a great author. This is the first book by Oisín that I’ve read and it was brilliant.

  4. If you liked that one you may want to look at Julie Bertagna’s Exodus.
    And I apologise for burdening your poor list even more, but I don’t see why others should be ‘let off’ this reading business. You’ll probably like most of them…

  5. Yay! I got ‘Prefer to read at home’. That’s within spitting distance of the Carnegie, surely.

    She has a point. When you’re heading off to Anglesey, the last thing you want to read is something urban and gothic.

  6. If you want to come over with some rope we could ‘tie her down’ a little.

  7. I bet mine was too pink, hahahahahha.
    But at least it didn’t end up as loo paper either!

  8. It was definitely too pink. Had the contents not looked so intelligent, I’d have chucked it out myself…
    Suspect the accommodation had loo paper. I hope so, anyway. Never actually asked.

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