Getting paid for daydreaming

Buses may come in threes, but recently I had authors coming in fives. It’s that fact, and nothing to do with me engaging in daydreaming, which has delayed the interview with the ever lovely Cathy Cassidy.

But hopefully she has had her head full of chocolate and cute boys, so that she never noticed that she was last in line at Bookwitch Towers.

Cathy Cassidy

Admire her crinkley hair curtain and read about her love for her fans. Cathy may get paid for daydreaming, but she gives the job 110%, so I forgive her.

I’m still slightly under the influence of that pixie charm, so will go and lie down now…

2 responses to “Getting paid for daydreaming

  1. I know Cathy talks a lot about daydreaming, but I do wonder when she has the time these days. She works harder than just about anyone I know!

  2. Might be between 110% and 150%? Plenty of time there. And you can daydream AND make cupcakes.

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