Two dogs and a horse

So at what age can one trust Offspring not to require more soft toys? Beanie Babies were at least quite small and more easily accommodated. We can’t totally agree whether Jethro is a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. But trust me, he’s big. On the other hand, I suppose he doesn’t bark. Or bite.

By pure coincidence on this soft Labrador/Retriever adoption day I also read a reissued Corgi Pups book called Snow Dog. Really.

It’s by Malorie Blackman and – since I don’t seem to have any information about the book – I’m guessing it’s part of an easy read series, for which it will be absolutely perfect. To be honest, the cover is too cute for me, but I can see that it would melt the heart of a young reader. The story however, is as woof-onderful as the dog in the story keeps saying.

Nicky wants a dog but when her parents very sensibly say no, she and her Grandad bake a dog for her. And it’s magic. As long as it stays cold.


As I was having an animal sort of day (if you’ve read CultureWitch you’ll be aware that we even had the vet calling) I also finished a second short and easy read by another giant in the children’s book world, Kate Thompson. Wanted! is set in Ancient Rome and is about the Emperor’s second-in-command who happens to be a horse.

I felt so sure while reading it that it was true, because it rang a bell somewhere, but according to Kate’s notes at the end she made it up. Oh well.

It features baker’s boy Marcus who unexpectedly meets Consul Incitatus, who is a horse. A very nice horse, but still a horse. Apart from this being a really good horse story there is some hidden political comment here. I’m sure. I think we could learn from this, how to choose our leaders.

And as all you horse lovers out there know, horses are sensible people. Loving. True.

Wanted! also provides a brief but fun look at history, served up so you almost overlook the fact that you’re being educated. Kate knows her horses.

Meanwhile I’ll have my bell serviced.

2 responses to “Two dogs and a horse

  1. Bookwitch – Incitatus was Emperor Caligula’s horse and Caligula did try to make it a consul so that’s not made up! Incitatus was treated like royalty and was a Roman citizen.

  2. Yes, Kate did mention this, so it must be what was at the back of my mind. But her emperor was not Caligula, or so she claims, in case he sues. And this lovely horse really was a consul.
    I’m so relieved my readers are intelligent and educated people. And in this case I really did think I knew about this, until I was told it wasn’t true…

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