The Reinvention of Edison Thomas

The Reinvention of Edison Thomas

The likeliest thing here is that author Jacqueline Houtman has given me up for dead. It’s how long – and then some – I’ve taken to read her book about young aspie inventor Edison Thomas. My only, and feeble, explanation is that I’ve read it as a pdf and I turn a very blind eye to anything I’ve put on the desktop for visibility. That’s logic for you, and Edison would not be amused.

The Reinvention of Edison Thomas is about a boy with an unfortunate name to live up to. He is twelve and he invents things. He is also a typical aspie (which, of course, is hard to be as all aspies are different) and he has only one friend.

Except he doesn’t realise this friend is not friendly at all, and throughout the book Eddy struggles with the concept of friendship. He has some help at school, but in the end it’s another boy – one who is marginally like himself – who shows him what friendship is, and teaches him how to develop a little and move on.

So we follow Eddy as he invents things, and as he tries to make sense of the neurotypical world.

If I have any criticism to offer it’s that Eddy is perhaps too typically aspie and he also has too many different talents and special interests. But it all makes for one very charming boy and both his talents and his shortcomings lead him along an interesting route. It’s when his mother asks if he he knows anyone with purple hair that we know he’s growing up.

This is also a very American story. And very enjoyable. Though I have to admit to not quite ‘getting’ Eddy’s inventions, and I sort of ignored all the Latin names for tuna and lemons and all the rest. That was maybe one aspie trait too many.

2 responses to “The Reinvention of Edison Thomas

  1. This sounds like something I would love to read. And I like the cover!

  2. Me too, except my pdf didn’t have a cover. Sob.
    Will have another book tomorrow that I really want people to read. Watch this space. Or else.

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