Bookwitch bites #32

Nick Green

The revamp of Nick Green’s website has vamped even further with this very fetching photo of the leather-clad author of the cat-power adventure books. Can you resist?

Mary Hoffman couldn’t resist Firebrand by Gillian Philip. Review hot off the presses here.

Random House have come up with an application for changing nappies and burping babies, based on Malorie Blackman’s Boys Don’t Cry. As I’m really quite ancient I’ve not totally got my head round this yet. But I think it’s a ‘game’ for iPods and things where you can learn to look after a baby.

It’s possible to learn almost anything. Michael Rosen reviewed School Blues by Daniel Pennac in the Guardian. It’s about French schools and how to educate ‘dunces’. You’re never hopeless. Anyone can become a someone, and good teachers are important.

Also in the (Education) Guardian, an article by Jonny Zucker about how worthwhile author visits to schools can be. For the children. I know we discussed the comfort of the visiting author a few weeks ago, but it’s always worth keeping in mind who schools are actually for. The teachers. No, that’s not right. The children. They matter.

In actual fact, Jonny lists things to do to make the author comfortable, but he does so with a view that the author will then be good for the children. And I love his idea that schools should splash out and book an author in for a full week. It’d be great. Probably very improbable for 99% of schools, but a wonderful idea nevertheless.

5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #32

  1. WOW! nick looks fantastic! i’m glad is finally coming out (his previous website portrayed him as reclusive). all power to the Cat Kin!

    … and as for Gillian Phillip’s book – it’s on my Christmas list … unless I get hold of a copy before my kids do. Then all I want for Christmas is a hard drive.

  2. OK, have noted the hard drive on my shopping list. Is one from Oxfam enough?

  3. oh you’re exempt from hardware presents, ann!

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  5. Bookwitch – completely agree re author visits being for the children. That’s why I’m so adamant about authors being treated right: because if we’re not, it’s very hard to give the best event. I hate anything that makes me perform less well and I don’t actually care about anything other than the end result.

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