Mother’s helper

An author was ‘boasting’ on facebook recently about her lack of household skills, which reminded me of a friend I used to have at school. And her parents.

The mother went away, leaving the father to deal with necessities such as watering the houseplants. He was a man, so he forgot. He forgot until soon before the mother was due to return. So he overdid things slightly. He watered rather enthusiastically. Which wasn’t good, either.

Even he realised the plants were soggy beyond belief. As a last-ditch attempt to de-sog, the poor man put them in the oven to dry out.

Luckily my friend arrived home from school and found them baking away. She was furious with her father and hastily removed the plants from the oven.

She then proceeded to chuck them in the fridge to cool off.

Oh well.

The school fair potted palm

Lucky they didn’t have this pot plant to deal with. This is the puny little thing Daughter carried home from the school fair one year when I had – inexplicably – not accompanied her. Didn’t have the heart to tell her it wouldn’t do well, the way it looked.

Good thing, or I’d have been busy eating my words now.

We’ll be looking at making a hole in the ceiling next.

2 responses to “Mother’s helper

  1. Great post! Now I feel extremely competent around potplants. I have killed dozens over the years (sheer neglect), but never baked nor frozen any to death.

  2. This is why I always say no to offers of watering when I’m away. I much prefer to kill them myself. No oven ever needed. So far.

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