Daughter of Fire and Ice

I believe I’ve said that too many books about Iceland bring me out in a rash. By that I mean too much stuff about old gods and fairies and the like. I have no objection to a good old-fashioned historical romance. And that’s what Marie-Louise Jensen has written.

There are gods in Daughter of Fire and Ice. But only in the way of being prayed to in times of distress, which is fine. Set in Viking times, Thora escapes Norway on a ship bound for Iceland. She does so in the company of a rather goodlooking slave who’s just murdered the man who intended to force Thora to marry him.

This is all right, as Thora is both a healer and a seer, and she has seen the two of them heading off for a new life in Iceland. Although, not all the things she sees happen or are totally right, so has she been wrong about this?

Things don’t all go according to plan, with quite a few spanners thrown in. And did you know that Norway and Iceland are full of rather unpleasant people? Apparently, some disagreements can only be solved by one party dying, which is not nice. And if you don’t die from disagreement, the plague – or even a plain flu – will get you.

The Norwegian settlers have never come across volcanoes, and they find Iceland cold and barren. Will they even survive their first winter?

If you like romance, this is for you. And I do.

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