Bookwitch bites #37

It’s a new year. It’s the point where I used to worry about signing cheques with last year’s date, but now that we don’t do cheques, I suppose that’s one fear fewer.

So, new year. New books to look forward to. One I didn’t know about until quite recently is Adrian McKinty’s Deviant. He describes it as YA Noir. Sounds perfect to me. So with one thing and another, Adrian is bringing out two books in March, one for young adults and one for old adults.

New Costa winners, coming soon. Next week. And I feel that Jason Wallace will win the children’s award. His Out of Shadows is both excellent enough to win, and different enough. Though what it boils down to is that it feels like it will.

I received a telephone call out of the blue this week. Someone wanted advice, but I can’t actually say here what it was about. Literary advice, of sorts. I said what I felt was the right thing to say, and was told that ‘yes, that’s what Sara Paretsky said’. So pleased that we see eye to eye on things.

PS We’ll have a little post script here. There is a not very nice letter in the Observer today. Quite a few people have commented, telling the letter writer what they think of her theory that children’s authors stand to make a lot of money off the Booktrust free books to children. Hence their ‘selfish’ concerns to keep Booktrust going.


5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #37

  1. Was the phone call from God? I know you can’t say, but I’m sure the Supreme Being consults Ms. Paretsky on a regular basis.

    I’m looking forward to that McKinty YA noir, but I haven’t seen any sign of it on the publishing side over here. Do you have word of it over on your side of the Atlantic? The old adult one is on track, so I guess I can make do with something more age appropriate.

  2. No it wasn’t. Not this time.

    I’m hoping Adrian hasn’t been lying about his noir. I’ve seen/heard nothing, so am just waiting for him to detach himself from American snow storms in order to inquire some more about the book.

  3. YA Noir? Haven’t we all been there before?

  4. What about novels for medium adults? (I know my students think I´m old, but what will that make me when I am twice as old then?)

  5. It’s always good to agree with Sara Paretsky. Things could be a lot worse, like Sarah Palin.

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