Costa for Out of Shadows

I knew it! Jason Wallace has won the Costa children’s award for Out of Shadows. Not bad for a beginner, is it?

Despite me having read only two of the four shortlisted books and despite Bartimaeus being such a very good read, I still felt it was likelier that this thought provoking tale from Zimbabwe would come out on top.

Now ‘all’ that remains is to see what happens in three weeks’ time when the complete Costa has been decided on. Children’s books aren’t the likeliest of winners, and that will probably be the case here. (Not wanting to be negative, but, you know…)

The final judges are Andrew Neil as chair, with David Morrissey, Elizabeth McGovern, Natasha Kaplinsky and Anneka Rice. Famous people. Hope they know what they are doing. *

Right, that’s all on books for my ‘red day’. If you want more to read you can gaze at stars over on CultureWitch today.

* Of course they do. As long time witch favourite Tim Bowler has very very politely pointed out, he’s a judge too. And so are the other category judges. Those famous people will be carefully guided. (In my defence I will say that my information came from the Costa website.)


2 responses to “Costa for Out of Shadows

  1. carol robinson

    Grabbed a copy of “Out of Shadows” on the way to my boat , at Waterstones in Liverpool , Saturday morning. It is brilliant. Looking forward to the next book which I read about in The Times yesterday!

  2. Excellent, Carol! Although I had been informed you’re far too unwell to be grabbing any books on the way to anywhere at all. Lie down again!

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