Bookwitch bites #38

January brings not just bad weather and the opportunity to send Offsprings everywhere back to school, but paperbacks galore. Or it seems that way. Candy Gourlay’s Tall Story is out in soft version, with the same cover except for the changes. Jon Mayhew’s Mortlock is also out there somewhere, but I’ve just heard the rumours. Not actually seen it. Marcus Sedgwick’s Ghosts and Gadgets have likewise been paperbacked. Hair raising cover.

If you don’t like paperbacks there is always the Kindle. Philip Ardagh was back on morning television this week again, to talk about Kindling. It was very early, and all he did after travelling across Kent (or whoever it was he crossed well before dawn – who is she?) was sit there on the sofa and say that he doesn’t want a Kindle. Luckily they had a JKR lookalike to tell people all the techy details about bookless reading.

There are new books out there, too. Marie-Louise Jensen’s Sigrun’s Secret has arrived, and I’m in the midst of reading. A more contentious ‘new’ book is Huckleberry Finn without the n-word. A pc world is a much better world, or so some people believe.

You can clean up too much. At university I read Under Milk Wood. An English friend made a joke about reading the placename backwards and how I’d see an interesting word. I read and I read and saw nothing terribly fun at all. You try backwardsing on Llaregyb. I had been sold a sanitised version! B*gger.

How I Live Now is about to become a film, at long last. Possibly. Probably.

And finally, Anne Cassidy, Keren David, Linda Strachan and Gillian Philip have clubbed together to become Crime Central. I will return to them soon, but have to reflect a little on what is meant by crime. Books for oldies still seem to be more about solving the crime. These ladies are more into committing the crime, which is an admirable way to go about things. True role models. ; )

5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #38

  1. ” Candy Gourlay’s Tall Story is out in soft version, with the same cover except for the changes.”
    have you ever considered doing stand up? you’re very funny!
    ps am excited about crime central though i’m not a big crime reader – interested in how the four crims will do it.

  2. i should have said crim queens

  3. Lying down, would suit me. It’s very easy to hide behind a computer keyboard, you know.

    Crims sounds fine to me.

  4. Excuse me, Bookwitch. All I said was that I didn’t want a Kindle? I think not. What I, in fact, said was that what matters is the content — the printed word — rather than how it is delivered (by dead tree or electronically). I also went on to say that although much of what I want from a book, Kindle can’t provide — a place for coffee stains and old bus ticket, etc — that is not to say that a Kindle won’t suit other people. More importantly, I think — in the very few minutes given over to the piece — I managed to say that the cost of the download is vital: finding a level which works fairly for author, publisher and bookseller… All I said was that I didn’t want a Kindle? Perhaps you were half asleep? It was early in the morning… *Mutter. Mumble*

  5. Cough. Splutter. Sorry.
    I went back for another look, and you’re right. You said you wanted money, as well. And your ‘stubble’ was mentioned.
    Didn’t mean to cross you.
    What do you mean, early? I didn’t get up for it. You did. I was asleep.

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