Costa 2010

I was quite pleased to hear that the poet Jo Shapcott has won the 2010 Costa award for her collection Of Mutability. Not that I read much poetry, but I do enjoy seeing one of the least expected-to-do-well books doing just fine. And I imagine the prize money will come in handy for Jo.

With my children’s books hat on, I have to say that I would like the children’s book to win rather more often than the once it has happened so far. But great read though Out of Shadows was, I doubted that it and Jason Wallace would be able to beat all those popular adult books.

Jo Shapcott, Of Mutability

Had a quick look through the list of past winners, and I can only claim to have read three of them; The Amber Spyglass and The Curious Incident, both well before the award, and then I celebrated the start of Bookwitch by reading The Tenderness of Wolves. That was the year when I had a spy at the awards ceremony, with Adèle Geras as one of the judges, reporting back on what everyone wore and who said what, and so on.

Anyone out there who can do a full review of the ladies’ dresses? No, I didn’t think so.

Hmm, just had a thought. I had been invited to lunch with Jason Wallace for today. I had to decline, since lunching in London too often becomes both tiring and expensive. But maybe he’d have been able to do the clothes report? Or perhaps not. Maybe it was other questions his publishers had in mind. (Like what will he do with the £5000?)

3 responses to “Costa 2010

  1. Ah, those were the days, eh Bookwitch? I haven’t read the Zimbabwe book nor the Hare with Amber Eyes, nor the Jo Shapcott…..I did fancy the Hare, myself but there you go. Prize panels are strange creatures. The only book I’ve read on the shortlist was the Maggie O’Farrell which is wonderful.

  2. The hare was wonderful, but I’m always secretly behind the person who needs the money most, and that would usually be the poet.

  3. I have just finished The Hare With Amber Eyes and it’s a book to lose yourself in. If I hadn’t had to go to work, I might not have emerged from my reading chair until it was finished. Having said which, I always love it when poetry wins awards – it feels a little like when second division football teams beat the premier division.

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