My life on the toilet and other facts

I’m sorry, but it’s just too revolting. I most definitely don’t want to know what it’d feel like to touch my brain. Eurgh.

I believe I also read a little carelessly (again), because Francesca Simon appeared to be claiming I’m spending a third of my life on the toilet, which even for me seemed a tad excessive. Seems it’s a third in bed (that’s nice!) and three years on the toilet. Still a lot. No wonder people keep books in there.

Francesca’s most recent Horrid Henry offering is called Horrid Henry’s Bodies. Didn’t know he had more than one, but there you go. As usual Tony Ross has drawn the – frankly revolting – pictures. Skillfully, obviously, but who wants a clear view of Henry’s gluteus maximus? It’s horrid.

The book is full of little boy type information, like what the Egyptians did to their mummies to make them mummies. Nits. Leeches. Ear hair, snot and falling-off skin.

But I recall a young girl who, when reminded that she had lots of book tokens that would be good to use, did a quick scan of the shelves in the bookshop and chose an Illustrated Medical Dictionary. As you do. This was before blood and gore became a no-go topic. There was a time when we enjoyed every last operation on Animal Hospital, and when surgeon was high on the list for the future.

I suppose it’s always useful to have pictures of body parts and illustrated illnesses in case your imagination can’t muster up enough to worry about…

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