Vikings, spots and sandwiches

I needn’t have worried. Katherine Langrish had recently travelled from somewhere sufficiently in need of a good clean that whatever the state of Bookwitch Towers I couldn’t possibly have matched it. (Or was she just being polite?)

Katherine Langrish

Katherine and husband and dog called round on their way home yesterday. I must say I find it awfully convenient when my interview victims make house calls. I just got up, got dressed, made a spot of tea and some of those Swedish style sandwiches that impress people more than they should.

Oops, shouldn’t have mentioned that. I mean, they took a very long time to make and it was a real strain. But, anything for one of my favourite Viking chroniclers.

The Troll books are soon to be re-issued and Katherine is arranging a blog tour in honour of the event, and that’s why we needed to meet up to do a Viking interview. That, and the fact that Katherine has de-umlauted all three books, purely on my say-so.

Katherine Langrish with Polly

Polly the Dalmatian took her master for a walk while we chatted, and then it was sandwich & cake-time. I like a person who, when offered cake and fruit, exclaims how long they’ve been eyeing the cake. (I just thought that since the only other Dalmatian-owner-cum-author I’ve interviewed in the comfort of my own house ate so many grapes, that I had better be fully equipped in case this turned out to be an unavoidable affliction. Cake-lovers are more than welcome.)

Luckily the Photographer had a gap in college commitments and made a brief, but intense, paparazzi thing before returning to the world of education. However, the doggy photo is mine, as it took place when Polly had a pre-departure drink on the drive.

The goings-on looked so suspicious that the next-door neighbour called round afterwards to check that all this car and dog business was above board.

It was.

9 responses to “Vikings, spots and sandwiches

  1. Strange neighbors. How could anything involving a Dalmatian not be above board? A Dalmatian and a carjacking? A Dalmatian with a drug dealer? Worse still would be everyone breaking out into a scene from the Disney Dalmatian movie!

  2. Nah, it just goes to show we usually sneak in and out so quietly that we are almost not here. And it’s a neighbourhood watch area.

  3. wow! what an impressive dog! lucky kath!

  4. Not for you though! You need something a bit smaller. The tail is impressive.

  5. I agree with kathy d: it’s impossible to associate Dalmatians and crime (apart from food-filching, of course.) And yes, she’s a big lovable girl, Candy!

    Polly’s tail is wonderful in this photo: wagging so fast it looks almost like a fin. Well, she wiggles and wriggles in a fishy manner, too – so maybe there’s a mer-dog story waiting to be written by someone. (Liz…?)

    The sandwiches were delicious, and very impressive indeed. It was lovely to visit Bookwitch Towers!

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  7. For anyone actually looking for sandwich-making help, CultureWitch has something to say about it. Very self-satisfied, that witch.

  8. Thanks for the link – I was just about to ask about the Impressive Swedish Sandwiches!

  9. Maybe it’s time for a Dogwitch blog; the Dalmation could discuss her point of view on this discussion.

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