Heart Burn

I grasped the bull by the horns, almost as soon as it arrived. Just in case my courage was about to desert me.

Anne Cassidy, Heart Burn

The bull was Anne Cassidy’s latest novel, Heart Burn. Anne scares me more than most, and I felt I was likely to skirt around the book for ages if I didn’t act decisively. So I grappled with it, and it only made my pulse go faster some of the time. And a lot more towards the end.

Heart Burn is set in the dangerous world of drugs and the creeps who run the small drug dealers and pushers. Ashley went out with Tyler a year ago, until she found him doing something she didn’t like. But she sort of likes him still, and he helped her with something then, and now that he’s in deep trouble he asks her to help him in return.

For someone who – naturally – is about to do something stupid, Ashley behaves quite maturely and proceeds with caution a lot of the time. But Tyler’s situation is past what could possibly count as normal, and things go seriously wrong. And someone obviously can’t be trusted. Who?

Very exciting, and more romantic than it seemed at first. And readers should avoid trying any of this at home.

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