Bookwitch bites #44

Let’s have some bites with a Scandinavian slant. Even if it’s just about me. (Isn’t it always?)

I’ve been working on the Tim Bowler interview (which will be with you very shortly), and it was nice to see I made the news on Tim’s website. He’s either very polite, or has got his priorities all muddled up.

Tim Bowler news

Something – and I don’t know what it was, but it certainly wasn’t the speed of my dial-up this week – had me surf round blogs and websites. Nice to find that some of my favourites make it into translation. Here are Marcus Sedgwick’s ‘Swordhand’ and Chris Priestley’s horror stories, Swedish style.

Marcus Sedgwick, De Som Går Igen

Chris Priestley, Onkel Montagues Spökhistorier

My Danish blogger friend Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen does not only blog in two languages, getting the English version correct, but she writes fiction as well. (I believe there might even be a paid day job somewhere and possibly household chores, too.) She has a small story collection available to buy online for those of you who are equipped with e-readers. That does not include me. I love the title, which is really witty: Candied Crime.

Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

Someone with a different kind of language issue is Rhys Bowen, the British crime writer transplanted to America. In her latest newsletter she told fans about breaking her wrist, which is delaying her next novel. Trying speech recognition software Rhys found it couldn’t quite deal with what she was hoping to write; ‘heir to the throne’ became ‘air to the thrown’ and ‘to let’ changed into what I always see it as when out and about and morphed into ‘toilet’.

Seeing as I mentioned e-readers just now, Rhys says she has a short ‘Molly’ story (The Amersham Rubies) coming out soon, to coincide with her next Molly novel. Free on Kindle. And how does that help me?

5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #44

  1. “Let’s have some bites with a Scandinavian slant. Even if it’s just about me.”

    I wouldn´t say it´s just about me, but I definitely appreciate the part that IS about me 😉 Thanks a lot! And just for the record; a computer is also an e-reader of sorts (i.e. anyone who has a screen can read Candied Crime in one or more versions).

    NB: I love that spökhistorie-cover. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh. Is it? Must investigate.
    Yes, Chris’s book covers are SO tempting.

  3. I know and understand that most people don´t like reading on the computer screen – neither do I – I just want people to know that there are several options for the curious (one of my Danish friends suffers from something similar to me. She asks her husband to print out my stories so she can read them on the couch).

  4. I have just bought mine, and saved as a pdf.

  5. I didn´t mean to put pressure on you, just inform you – on the other hand 99 cents will probably not send you on the street.

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