The Selfish Giant

I rarely respond well to offers of books through my contact page. Usually people are either offering perfectly fine books, but not what fits in here. Or the books seem anything but perfectly fine.

This one however, being a fairy tale written by Oscar Wilde himself, sounded quite promising. And no, Oscar didn’t email me. Dan Goeller did. He’s an American composer, who has put music to Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant. Chris Beatrice made the new illustrations for the story, and then they roped Martin Jarvis in to read the audio version with music.

I thought the concept sounded OK, so said yes to the offer of a book. I read it and enjoyed it, which is hard not to with a tale featuring giants and ogres and sweet little children.

What makes this new book stand out, though, is the CD and the music. It is absolutely fantastic! I’m no expert, but the music (played by members of the Nashville Symphony) sounded just right. And I would guess that this could easily become a real favourite with young children. Parents may read bedtime stories the best, but I have to say that Martin Jarvis read this one even better.

If you’re looking for fairy tale entertainment, then The Selfish Giant is a good place to start.


5 responses to “The Selfish Giant

  1. Nice music but I can’t hear anything but Just William when I hear Martin Jarvis’ voice.

  2. Is he William? I am very ignorant, although I do try to hide it. To me he is that nice young man in the Forsyte family.

  3. This looks good. I haven’t read the Selfish Giant but I do like Wilde.

    Very off topic, but can anybody recommend a good book or two about the London Blitz or WWII in general for a “precocious 8 year old”? I almost feel like I may know some, but for the moment they elude me.

  4. There are lots, of course. But on very little sleep I can only think of a few.
    Linda Newbery has Blitz Boys, and At the Firefly Gates.
    Nina Bawden’s Carrie’s War is always good.
    And I know Michael Morpurgo has war books, if only I could think of titles.
    Now over to all people who have had a good night’s sleep and are running on better brain power than I am.

  5. Thank you. I have passed these along.

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