Tim Bowler’s magnificent octopus

What struck me as I listened to the recorded interview with Tim Bowler is how much fun he is to talk to. I kept giggling away as the conversation came back to me.

Tim Bowler

And Tim has said – more than once – about another writer that they talk a lot. Well, pots and kettles come to mind. I used to find that people average 100 words per minute, but Tim managed at least half as many again. It’s nice. One gets so much more interview for one’s money, so to speak.

I have had to trim things a little, or you’d all be here until tomorrow. Which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad idea, as you’d be in good company. And there’s always the pictures to look at, with Tim wearing his red, and supposedly, un-ironed shirt. He looks just the same as he did eight years ago when we first met (turquoise shirt that time, I seem to recall), and I wish I could say the same for myself.

I could lie.

But that would be adding to the bribe I offered at the time.

And here is the interview for you. I reckon it’s worth the long wait, regardless of whether it’s the almost three weeks since we talked, or all those years when I’ve swanned about talking to others before Tim. He was one of ‘my’ very first authors and he will always have a special place in my heart.

(That’s quite enough rambling from you, witch…)

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