The new children-only reading website

I should hate them. They are trying to outdo me. In fact, they probably already have, because one worn-out witch cannot compete against the whole of the Guardian. Or even just against site editor Michelle Pauli and all her enthusiasm for children’s books, and with a little bit of backing  by that newspaper. But then I never tried to be a whole media group, even though it might look like it occasionally.

But I don’t hate. It looks good, this new website for children and their books, which launched while we were sleeping. It’s by far the best World Book Day idea I’ve seen so far. Not that WBD has much to do with the world outside the UK, but you know. Reading, children, books. Good.

Guardian children's books

It’s for the children themselves. They will read and write reviews and they will do interviews, so I might as well just retire. I already know they will have better questions, and they will see right through phoney books.

There was a nice piece about it by Claire Armitstead in the Review on Saturday, and I love the fact that her children liked Animorphs. I can’t stand it when people have children with perfect adult tastes, and I can only wish I could have witnessed her themed children’s parties. Or even that I had her stamina in organising them.

In actual fact, I’m even more upset about not having the time to visit this website as often as it should be visited. There seems to be a little bit of everything, and I want to look at all of it.

I’m hoping that the word ‘children-only’ doesn’t mean I’m banned from going there? Surely adult-free zone means only that the children will be doing the work? Not that I’ll be kicked out? Tell me I won’t be kicked out!


6 responses to “The new children-only reading website

  1. You won’t be kicked out.

    It looks really good, but I somehow doubt that you are going to see a significant decrease in your fan base.

    Call me psychic.

    (That’s with an -ic on the end, by the way, not an -o.)

  2. Sidekick, did you say?

  3. Well, it’s not the most glamourous role, but I’ll take it. It will be good training for those six months on Notting Hill we were talking about earlier.

  4. No, no and NO! Without the likes of your witchery the likes of me wouldn’t get reviewed at all and I thank you…

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for your lovely words, and, you won’t be kicked out.

  6. Thank you! And Happy WBD everyone! What’s left of it.

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