Bookwitch bites #45

Or what the husbands said.

I frequently get asked ‘is there anything worth reading?’ when the Resident IT Consultant hasn’t got a clue what to do with himself. (Another maths book, maybe?) I always – nearly always – reply that ‘no, there is absolutely nothing to read in the house’. After all, what can I say? Sometimes I take pity on him and lead him to my secret stash and let him choose a little something.

One that was published earlier this week  is Prophecy, a crime novel by S J Parris. The Resident IT Consultant has read it, and he particularly liked the fact that the detective is/was a real – if dead – person. This being a historical crime novel, you know. He kept wondering what was real and what was made up. And as always he feels it was written with the film in mind. But then that’s what he says after almost any book. And it needs a map. He says that after most books, too. This being a proof, I wouldn’t be surprised if the real book does come with a map.

Adèle Geras also has a husband. Norman Geras recently blogged about his experience with Booker winning The Sea by John Banville, which I’m now awfully relieved not to have tried. It just goes to prove what I’ve said for so long, that so-called ‘real’ literature can be like the Emperor’s new clothes. Let’s not linger awhile with the utterly utterly or the bicycle asprawl. I have other things to do with what time I have.

With my luck it will turn out to be one of the books chosen to be given away tonight. It is tonight, isn’t it? World Book Night. I’m always unsure of which night counts as the 5th of March, seeing as nights of necessity almost always have two dates. But anyway, none of the really deserving books that I had in mind will be handed out for free tonight. However, if you don’t mind paying for the postage, then Declan Burke has a few free books littering his house. He, too, is a husband and his wife might appreciate it if you could take a few copies off from wherever they keep their spare books.

But it’s better than road fill.


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