Västan om måne

Doesn’t that sound even better than West of the Moon? And WotM sounds much more exciting than Troll Fell, Troll Mill and Troll Blood, and they weren’t bad titles at all. So no complaints, but improvements are possible.

West of the Moon Banner

West of the Moon is the title for Katherine Langrish’s repackaged trollogy. The cover is pretty good, but so were the original ones. In other words, no complaints on the cover front either, and for a complainer such as your witch that’s not bad going.

The fact is that many of us find afterwards that something we wrote could maybe perhaps do with a little improving, pruning or other type of change. And Katherine has had the opportunity to abridge her trilogy slightly and see it published for an older audience, which I think is right. True, Troll Fell was suitable for younger readers but the other two were aiming higher.

So after some pruning and even some slashing, West of the Moon has seen the light of day and I’m more excited than I’d have expected to be. I think Katherine slashed the most in Troll Fell, which was for the best. All three books are very enjoyable, but they got better as the trilogy grew, so it’s good to see that there is more left of Troll Blood.

As a bit of a Viking myself I always felt right at home with Peer Ulfsson (oh dear, I just thought of one more thing I ought to have mentioned earlier…) and Hilde, the love of his life, and all the others back there in old Norway a thousand years ago. Troll Fell is a very traditional tale for us Nordic types, whereas Troll Mill counts as a new story set in old surroundings. And Troll Blood, where Peer and Hilde go to America, is totally new and fresh, and outstandingly marvellous.

Other than the vicious slashing, Katherine has worked hard at removing an awful lot of umlauts. I always wondered what on earth possessed her to spell Arne (nice normal name, that) as Arnë. There is a limit to dots, even for us weird people. That’s the power of blogging.

The trollogy is part of my early life in the wonderful world of books and publishing and author events. Katherine launched book one with the help of my nearby bookshop, and book two had a very similar fate. I could witness firsthand the new author and then see her return a year later, totally changed. ; )

Those trolls are special. Actually, the trolls are awful. It’s Peer and Hilde and the villagers that are special. Read and enjoy!

(Don’t know who the mysterious male on the new cover is, but he’s certainly a dream.)

3 responses to “Västan om måne

  1. I’m so glad you approve and so glad you told me about the umlauts!). Thankyou so much. (By the way we just got down off a Welsh mountain – Pen-y-Fan – and feeling hungry: wistful memories of those sandwiches!)

  2. And I wish I could have a Swedish edition!

  3. You have my permission to run around a mountain or two, despite being in the middle of a blog tour! Not sure what I can do about foreign editions. Will moan a little.

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