There’s a Viking on my sofa

It’s a well known fact that interviews come in threes, and we have finally arrived at my third one, which was actually the first to be done, but as we had set aside today for Katherine Langrish’s blog tour, she gets the honour of being last.

Katherine Langrish

I can’t believe how fast time goes, because it must be almost seven years since Katherine was first in my neck-of-the-woods on book business, and it feels more like last year. Luckily time has been kind to at least one of us, and it was really good of Katherine to call in at my house for her interview.

Katherine has been on my must-interview list from the beginning, and I’m very pleased to have had this opportunity. It’s great when a new author just gets better and better.

And it’s always good when an interview turns into a fun conversation, and Katherine really is interesting to chat to. She makes me feel almost educated.

The interview can be found here, and tomorrow the tour stops by on Mary Hoffman’s blog.

Oh, OK, so strictly speaking Katherine is no Viking, but her new three-in-one trollogy gives her plenty of Viking credentials. And I have to say that her husband David’s early concerns that ‘maybe his wife’s novel would turn out not to be very good’ proved totally unfounded.

I’m sure he didn’t really think that.

2 responses to “There’s a Viking on my sofa

  1. Ann, you were very patient with me. I was clearly talking nineteen to the dozen…

  2. Yupp. Suits us silent Nordic types.

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