Bookwitch bites #48

I so want to go to the Oxford Literary Festival. And that does sound pathetic. I know. I found this really good selection of events that would suit me perfectly, on Sunday 3rd April. And do you know, the trains aren’t running that morning. This is Britain, after all. Thwarted by a train! Or lack thereof. When I started looking, the fare was even quite reasonable. But you don’t buy a ticket in order not to get somewhere. Candy Gourlay, Michelle Magorian and Meg Rosoff… How can I not want to go? Christ Church College frowned on people sitting on their quad wall last year. I suppose that sneaking in the night before and sleeping on the very same wall wouldn’t go down any better.


Some people are off to Bologna next week. That’s another place I’ve not tried. Not sure it’s suitable for the likes of me, but whenever people say they are getting ready to go I feel a pang. It honestly doesn’t hurt much at all. I’d rather do Oxford.

Henning Mankell

Antibes now, that’s something else. I’m not sure that’s where my guest blogger Declan went to interview Henning Mankell. It’s probably just the Guardian who sent their interviewer there for their Mankell interview. The current glut of Mankell interviews suggests a new book. It’s the end for poor Wallander, in some way or other.

And please note that we have our own Mankell photo from the same session as the Guardian’s. I’ve learned to recognise that green backdrop now.

After this week’s travelling I have an excellent quote from Julie Bertagna. It really should go on the cover of my book, but I haven’t written one yet and it seems like a long wait expecting that to happen. Julie was reading Bookwitch, as any self-respecting author ought to, and found she couldn’t ‘get off the site’. She suspects an entrapment spell.

No comment.

4 responses to “Bookwitch bites #48

  1. No trains? Appalling. So glad you have a broomstick.

  2. Ann, I’m back from Bologna late Saturday but you are welcome to a bed chez moi! (Helen too). I won’t be going to the Oxford Festival on Sunday but there’s a bus and if it isn’t running, I’ll take you.


  3. Yes, the last Wallander, unless he wants to go back and fill in the gaps, I suppose. I read it last year and *hated* it, but not for quality-related reasons, but because he went with a theme I could spot from early on that I loathe for personal reasons and can barely cope with reading about. Something that needs to be discussed, certainly, but not a topic I want to read about for fun. (How’s that for cryptic?)

  4. Meg – so am I…
    Mary – that’s very very kind of you. Will have to see what can be done.
    Lauren – if it’s the topic I guessed at from the interviews, then I agree with you. I assume Henning is trying to avoid having to do a Sherlock Holmes.

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