So you want to know who wins?

Readers! Honestly. They think they can just write in and ask me to do things. And they are quite right. They can and they do and I might well. Lets’ see.

The Carnegie shortlist took me by more of a surprise than ever before. Had actually tried to predict when it would come. Got that wrong, so was taken aback on Friday when Facebook was awash with congratulations. But I’d like to point out that you might be on the shortlist, but it doesn’t exactly mean you’ll win. Does it?

Carnegie’s server seemed to collapse on Friday (it was April 1st, which is such a bad date, for anything), so I couldn’t even satisfy my curiosity until a lot later.

So, let’s have the list:

Theresa Breslin, Prisoner of the Inquisition

Geraldine McCaughrean, The Death Defying Pepper Roux

Patrick Ness, Monsters of Men

Meg Rosoff, The Bride’s Farewell

Marcus Sedgwick, White Crow

Jason Wallace, Out of Shadows

Good list. But then there is an equally good list of people and books which didn’t make it. Let’s not dwell on that. I have read five of the six, and the one I haven’t is Geraldine’s Pepper novel, which I’m sure is as worryingly perfect as her other books have been.

Well, even though you know I would like all six books to win, you also know I want Meg to win. And she stands a very good chance. But with that Patrick Ness around, the vibes tell me he will wipe the floor. Again. Preferably chez Bookwitch, because we badly need it.

OK then, Adèle? I have spoken. And you weren’t the only one. My inbox literally popped with requests.


7 responses to “So you want to know who wins?

  1. Patrick Ness all the way!!!! I loved Monsters of Men and he deserves to win it!!!!

  2. I loved Monsters of Men but I’m rooting for White Crow. Its a fantastic book andMarcus Sedgewick is just getting better and better – it would be hard for anyone out there to beat Revolver.

  3. I know, Me!!!!, you love him…
    Che, I agree about Revolver. Not on the list, though.
    And my predictions are just that; not preferences.

  4. Thanks, Bookwitch. I feel I’ve nagged you along with others to perform an essential public service. Most interesting contest and as I’ve only read Theresa’s novel so far, that’s a lot of reading to get through…and I’m still reading the Lancashire Book of the Year books…

  5. What? You’ve not read The Bride’s Farewell? Ach. It’s so Hardy-ish and horsey.

  6. Oooh, a horsey book? I have to put that one on the list. Even if I don’t like it (which I am sure I will) horse-mad kids will adore it and no doubt sleep with it under their pillows.

  7. Need to be old enough to like romance and misery. Hardy, you know. Sad. But with horses.

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