A quiet Easter Sunday

After 15 years of egg hunts on Easter Sunday, we will finally have a peaceful and somewhat boring morning. Not even going away and staying in other people’s houses deterred us in the past. There would be an egg hunt. No one will be surprised to hear that I told people that I’d be placing eggs all over their house and they had better not upset any of my hiding places.

Beanie Chick

It probably took me as long to learn that whereas the eggs belong on Easter Sunday, the Hot Cross Buns are actually wanted on Good Friday. We had years of me not getting them out until it was ‘too late’.


You’re getting a short post today, not because the shops are closed, because Bookwitch never closes (or so it seems), but because there is plenty on Doctor Who and Sarah Jane over on CultureWitch.

4 responses to “A quiet Easter Sunday

  1. Oddly, a quiet but somewhat boring Easter morning is turning out to be my lot this year too. The egg hunt still goes on, but up at my sister’s, and couldn’t get away this year to join them. It’s not bad, but it does leave me half in the holiday mood and half not.

    Happy Easter anyway.

  2. Good you never close as I have not had time to wish you happy Easter until today.

  3. Glad Påsk, Dorte!
    Seana, are you telling me YOU still hunt eggs? Now I will never be free.

  4. Yeah, it’s a bit brutal kicking the smaller people out of the way when I spy one, but I think the Easter bunny would approve. I don’t view him as an entirely benevolent sort.

    None of us are ever free, you know.

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