How now brown cow

Dog poo comes in many sizes.

Bet you wanted to know that.

Giles Andrea's World of Happy

Increasingly I find it hard to say anything very interesting about picture books. Not that the books are lacking. It’s me. (And while we’re listing my shortcomings I have to admit to having thought that Giles Andreae illustrates books. Now it seems he writes them.)

Giles of the hard-to-spell-correctly surname still has a very catchy name. There is something about it I like. And I quite like these thirteen books. It’s not always I can say I’ve read thirteen books in my tea break, but this time it’s true.

And they are really very sweet and true. Brown cows can easily be the best. Dog poo obviously comes in more than one size, just like the dog it came from. (Sorry.) Teamwork is good and hippos are more than welcome to wriggle their vast hips. (I – on the other hand – have never been allowed to.)

Friendship is good. So is being nice and standing up for what you believe in. Knitting is fun even if you’re a gorilla and fear can be overcome. Love is lovely and good manners can get you far. (Still not sure I fancy being eaten, even if the eater thanks me.)

Janet Cronin’s illustrations are lovely, and I like the colour scheme of the spines. Although they arrived in a most ramshackle colour order (= lack of) and I simply had to arrange them more to my liking.

It’ll soon have to be colour co-ordinated bookshelves here. It’s nice.

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