The Autumn Palace

The season’s all wrong, obviously, but Ebony McKenna’s second novel about Ondine is nicely royal and romantic, and I don’t know, but I’m feeling woozy. The air is full of royal romance. I can feel myself succumbing to somethi… And what could be more romantic than a handsome Scottish ferret? I ask you.


Hamish is running about that Brugel Palechia, as cute as any ferret. No wonder Ondine is crazy about him. And with a witch as chaperone, what can go wrong?

Well, someone appears to have it in for the Duke. Is it his ‘lovely’ son, or his loving wife or that old battle-axe of a sister, the Infanta? Stuck working in the palace’s laundry, Ondine is sure to work it out… Meanwhile Shambles/Hamish does his spy bit, and the witch is good. But then, witches usually are.

I know I said I loved the first book about Ondine, but I had totally forgotten about the funny one-liners and the weird and amusing footnotes: ‘The suitcases aren’t going to carry themselves, are they?’ (You know, I suspect they would have.) ‘You’ve never seen a man turn into a ferret before?’ (Now you have.)

Hard work is good. Knowing about laundry, or being able to warm a teapot properly. There is raining fish. There’s a lot of fishy stuff, in actual fact. It’s the sort of thing that makes you positively want to live in a palace, with all its intrigues and, stuff. (I think I meant this ironically.)

Hopefully Ondine and Hamish can live happily ever after in, say, a pub.

As for me, I’ll sign up for next year’s CovenCon.

6 responses to “The Autumn Palace

  1. That is one cute ferret.

  2. And then you have to imagine cute little Shambles turning into the handsome man Hamish. What more can any girl want?
    And the accent…

  3. Thank you so much for joining in the fun and spreading the good cheer.

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  5. PS, and that is one very cute ferret. I bet he hardly smells at all.

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