I’m a firm believer in six degrees of separation. I’m sure you can reach almost anyone in the world, on that basis. The only crunch being how you identify which of the people you know, might know someone interesting or useful.

So, I’m less surprised than you’d think to find I know someone who was at The Wedding 30 years ago. But there is no way I could have guessed who it might be. Having shed some unexpected tears on Tuesday when reading the Guardian’s surprisingly kind article on William and his mother, it felt only natural to turn to Lucy Coat’s blog and her three posts (one, two, three) on the last great wedding. More tears, of course. There was something about Diana that few others can match. And I’m pleased she had such lovely and normal friends.

Now, it doesn’t really matter if I know someone famous or I know someone who knows someone famous. But a more insightful view of a much discussed topic can be refreshing. Especially in this cynical world, where it sometimes feels as if the British press are world champions. Why can’t we ever be allowed to just like someone or something?

I’m not terribly keen on either Royal weddings or the Eurovision song contest, but surely people can enjoy both peacefully, without clever journalists having a swipe at them for doing so? Somehow I doubt that it is the couple getting married who are insisting on the enormous wedding, the press coverage or even that we all have the day off.

Diana, Harry and William

Had an urge to blog about William and Kate earlier, but it sort of vanished under some book mountain or other. How can we not wish them every happiness? Are we all monsters? William is someone I see in my mind’s eye as that happy little boy, all wet after a theme park ride with his brother and their Mum. Maybe for the next generation the whole family can go on the ride together?

Meanwhile, I would urge Lucy to make her diaries public. Just in case there’s more exciting stuff in them. And there’s bound to be other interesting diaries around as well. But whose?

9 responses to “Weddings

  1. You’re absolutely right. I do wish them every happiness. And Harry too.

  2. Even the most hardened anti-monarchists get a little misty-eyed at a wedding. And I include myself.
    I loved Lucy’s posts too but felt there was something quite desperately sad and slightly eerie about reading them now in the knowledge of what Diana was getting herself into. Let’s hope they, and we (public and press) have all learned something from that particular tragedy.

  3. I am not ashamed to say I really enjoyed the wedding – I remember my own and it’s still the one of the best day!

  4. s of my life!

    (wordpress sent me a warning – ‘you are posting comments too quickly, slow down!’)

  5. Well, you are. ; )
    I’m such a saddo, I believe the first wedding I went to was my own. (Swedes live in sin, or dash into the town hall to get it over with.) I sent the Resident IT Consultant back to the flat within minutes of exiting the registry office. I’m a true romantic.

  6. I’m *going* to Eurovision, so it’s nice not to be considered a complete twit. (I watched part of the wedding today, but got bored. Honestly, had more fun watching the Swedish wedding last year, but the coverage of famous/royal arrivals was better. The Windsors have too many indistinguishable relatives!)

  7. I suspect they (television presenters) find foreign royal people very strange and foreign. No one in their right minds could be interested in them. So, they don’t show them. Whereas I can’t be the only Swede raised on Svensk Damtidning, able to recognise most of Europe’s finest. Harder as they get older and my magazine supply is drying up (dentist’s waiting room, now) so I’m not up-to-date with how they look now.

  8. On Friday morning, despite it being a beautiful day, my mother sat me and my brother down and told us to “watch history”. I really didn’t enjoy the experience!!!! I spent two hours watching royals and other assorted celebreties, get out of their cars/carraiges with their ridiculous hats and over the top dresses / suits. A complete waste of two hours may I add. The only bit worth watching, was when the reporter got lost in the crowd and had a little panic attack, and when one of the men on the horses fell of.
    Although I did enjoy reading the facebook “likes”!!!!

  9. Poor You!!!!
    Sometimes, though, we find later on that it was worth having ‘suffered’ through something that might one day become relevant for some reason. So, save this as a piece of history in your mind, and perhaps one day it won’t feel like a wasted morning. Hopefully your grandchildren in the very distant future will be impressed…
    And you won’t remember Diana, so this post was less relevant for you.

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