When Keren David came for tea

I’m glad I stopped being worried about reading Keren David’s first novel. What if I didn’t like it? Well, I did. Very much. Same with novel number two. I’m almost at the point of reading her third, and I have no reason to think it will be other than brilliant.

Keren David

And whereas I don’t always hold with interviewing authors too early, before they’ve either ‘proved’ themselves or until they have enough worth talking about, I sort of felt that to get in early with Keren would be advisable. What if she suddenly got too big for me?

She was persuaded to come round for tea and toasted teacakes between engagements ‘up north’. As well as doing the interview  we had time for gossip and plenty of comparisons on life abroad. And what it’s like ‘back home’ afterwards.

And there’s always religion.

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