Identity problems

‘Do you smoke?’ was the first unlikely question. ‘Would you like a go in the rooftop jacuzzi?’ came next, closely followed by a query whether I drink. The bowler-hatted Scottish concierge at the hotel seemed bemused by this non-drinking, non-bathing, non-smoking witch trying to gain access to his rooftop bar. I assured him the only thing I’d possibly want to do was throw myself over the edge if my vertigo got the worse of me. So he sent me up in the lift, which incidentally didn’t quite reach all the way. There was still some manual climbing to be done. And then he had the nerve to suggest I could walk down…

Lars Kepler and concierge

London saw me coming. Big time. It had managed to put up scaffolding over most of town, in my honour. Even Leicester Square was off limits, being improved for 2012. So no sitting in the square between engagements. Pah.

Lars Kepler

I was down in the sunny smoke to see two, or possibly three, cruel and violent Nordic ‘killers’. Lars Kepler flew in for his (their?) launch yesterday. As soon as I heard they (he?) was/were coming I asked for an interview. We had tried to find a mutually convenient time and place in Sweden, but it fell on the difference in school holidays. They (he) have a holiday home close to me, so it could have been ideal. But as it happened, London was easier.

The Hypnotist launch at Goldsboro Books

Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril (it’s going to be such a pain working out what to call them…) deposited their children at school and then flew into London, met up with the witch and then went on to the launch of The Hypnotist at Goldsboro Books, which specialises in signed first editions. Covered in plastic, which I will have to be persuaded is a good idea. (It reminds me of the Beanie Baby Daughter was told to play with through a plastic bag so as not to ruin it for when she got to be as old as her mother! It could have suffocated in there.) I will however be putting my Debi Gliori Pure Dead Magic in a safe from now on.

The Hypnotist launch at Goldsboro Books

Goldsboro Books

A and A were surprisingly excited about the excitement of all this. Not the plastic, but the rest. I suppose it’s not every day you launch your first crime novel in London. They certainly dressed the part, and the rest of us were nowhere near as elegant. Alexandra wore red high heeled strappy sandals, which she could actually move about in. She wore a dress too, obviously. A green affair. Alexander had a suit on, which is not too common among Swedes.

The Hypnotist launch at Goldsboro Books

Lars Kepler, The Hypnotist

They sign their books three times, and yesterday they also added a quote. Goldsboro didn’t run to a signing table, so they signed on the edge of the bookcase, perilously close to the glasses of red wine. But they were only collectible books, so no matter…

The witch doesn’t move in crime circles often enough to recognise even a few at a gathering like this. The only one I ‘knew’ was Peter Guttridge, after ‘our’ weekend in Bristol a few years ago.

Lars Kepler thought I might be driving back. I didn’t admit to broomstick, so they are under the impression I went home by train. Of course I did. It was coach B for Bookwitch, as usual. It’s a good one. After you’ve walked all that way to reach it, you’re halfway to Manchester already.

Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril

5 responses to “Identity problems

  1. I think its fab that they dressed up! And why not? Its a major achievement, so they obviously decided to whoop it up and enjoy every minute. I do wonder if putting them on a shelf and dusting them once a week is enough for my precious books? My velvet covered Debi Gliori books (singed as well, I’ll have you know) are amongst my most prized posessions. Perhpas I should spend a bit of time wrapping them all in plastic? Toppings do it and i think it looks quite nice.

  2. Aarrrghhh, that should read ‘signed’ not ‘singed’!

  3. I assumed you had read so fervently that a little singeing was unavoidable… Velvet in plastic? I think not. Anyway, it’s too late. The horse has bolted a long time ago.
    Thought initially you were suggesting we dust off the Ahndorils on a weekly basis.

  4. adele geras

    I am eagerly awaiting the reviews on this book! They look most glamorous and is it true that each of them is a big literary name in Sweden? What an exciting life you lead, Bookwitch!

  5. Yes, I’d like to see some reviews, too.
    And they are ‘proper’ authors, except when I left Sweden they were both still at school and I have not been following their careers and know virtually nothing. As I told them, I went to the library in the summer to investigate and learn more, and found only one book. In. I trust all the rest were out being read.

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