Divine Freaks

Kitty Slade might see ghosts, but that’s not really the main theme of Fiona Dunbar’s latest book. It’s more of a humorous crime caper, with the odd – occasionally very odd – ghost thrown in. It runs in the family, apparently. Kitty’s dead Mum saw ghosts, but luckily there is some rule which prevents Kitty seeing her Mum as a ghost. Which, on the whole, is probably for the best.

And if you wonder how we know this, it’s because Kitty’s cool – and Greek – granny knows all the rules, and tells Kitty about them once she has encountered her first ghost. It happened in her biology class, where suitably enough a weird man appeared, attempting to murder a rat. That’s biology for you.

Fiona Dunbar, Divine Freaks

Once the shock has sort of worn off, the mysteries start. Like why does their landlady suddenly sell off their flat to the horrible man in the antiques shop? What can they do to save their home?

Kitty and her brother Sam with the formerly broken leg, and their sister Flossie live with their grandma Maro, above horrible man’s antique shop. And unusually (well, I think so) they get on. That’s nice, because ghosts and criminals are quite enough to deal with, without having family quarrels as well.

So Kitty and Sam and Flossie cooperate nicely while trying to solve their almost lost home problem.

I’m not going to tell you any more, actually. Read the book. Find out why ghost number one had it in for the rat. See what the stupid biology teacher did. But above all; don’t try most of these things at home. You’re not in a book and all is most likely not going to end well if you do.

7 responses to “Divine Freaks

  1. I love word used to describe Kitty’s spookacious abilities – phantorama – apparently of Greek derivation, like sushi.

  2. Where did the sushi enter into this ghost thing? You mean because sushi is dead, although barely?

  3. Thanks for the review, Bookwitch! Actually – hair-splitting alert! – Kitty’s only a quarter Greek. Hence English first & second names. Maro 100% Greek.

    All six of the Kitty Slade books will contain a mystery of some sort – which Kitty, with her phantorama, is uniquely positioned to solve.

  4. No need to split hairs! I say – although I admit, badly – that Kitty’s grandma is Greek. And I’m sorry I missed out the series mention. It was in there and seems to have disappeared in my editing…

  5. Argh, my mistake: obvious now I’ve re-read! Duh.

  6. It IS Sunday after all…

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