Thanks, Dina

The Retired Children’s Librarian laughed with glee when I told her of our plans. That’s Son and me. We’re in Germany this weekend, and I’m trusting my baby boy to sprechen for me, as he ought to be less rusty than I am. At the height of his studies he also had got to be a lot better than the old witch.

Roger Whittaker and CultureWitch

Where was I? Oh yes, Germany. We are here for Roger Whittaker, as all you dear friends will have guessed. The best singer in the world is doing another last tour, and in case it is, here we are. And Son is not too cool for Roger. Or me.

So, Germany, where we are staying with someone I found on the internet. I do everything I tell others not to do. Roger is singing in Köln, and Bonn is close enough, so we have come laden with books for another book lover. I met L Lee Lowe over on Dina Rabinovitch’s blog. In those days Lee had another blog, but you can’t keep a good writer down, so she has moved on to somewhere she can publish her stuff (like real novels) online.

And isn’t that what’s so fantastic about the internet? It is very bad, or can be. But you can also meet like minded people who unfortunately don’t live next door to you or work in the same office or have children in the same school as yours.

It is now far too long since Dina died in 2007, but what an amazing thing she left behind! Neither Lee nor I met her in the flesh, but from that online presence something has grown. I found someone I could send my child to for a language booster, someone who actively seemed to want to entertain the Resident IT Consultant when he was in Germany on business, someone who introduced me to Nick Green and his marvellous books, and someone who will take some of my surplus off my hands. And still offer hospitality to a mad witch and her Son.


I’m forever grateful to Dina.

6 responses to “Thanks, Dina

  1. Roger Whitaker was one of my mom’s favorite singers as well. She would have been very impressed by the cozy little chat you are apparently having in the photo.

    Doing things we advise others not to is sometimes the very best thing to do of all.

  2. adele geras

    It’s good to be reminded of Dina. I still miss her. Hope you have a lovely time in Germany.

  3. And doesn’t that make me feel old, Seana!! The idea with the photo is to inspire some envy or at least to impress. Have you read the interview from 2009?’s-never-boring/
    Will also have an account of yesterday, as soon as I can. Hopefully today if the wrist holds up.

    I know, Adèle. But it’s the best thing about people we’ve lost, when they also ’cause’ new connections with others.

  4. No, I don’t think it has so much to do with age as taste. She always appreciated a good ballad singer.

    I’ll check out the older interview when I have a bit more time.

  5. You know you are too tired to write sensible comments when you start off wondering how children can retire – well, but I was here.

  6. I’m tired too. Had to check what on earth you were going on about…

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