Wildfire at Midnight

I can only assume I put the memory of Wildfire at Midnight away for safe keeping at the point where I took up holidaying in walking centres, especially those in Scotland. Now they are just a memory, too, so I’d feel almost ready to go back to that hotel on Skye where Gianetta went to avoid the Coronation in 1953. With a bit of luck I’d come across her handsome ex-husband, and with even more luck he would be neither ancient nor dead.

Mary Stewart, Wildfire at Midnight

More luck still and I’d look like the lovely Gianetta, who’s a fashion model. But then there are the murders that start to occur all over the majestic landscape. Blaven is bleak but beautiful, and more and more bodies end up there. Could it be the ex? Or any of the other men? And why?

When I let the Resident IT Consultant read Wildfire at Midnight, because it is set in the Scottish hills, he was disappointed there was so much romance. Walks and murders would have been enough for him. (I’m not letting him read any of the others. Pigs. Pearls.) But he did comment on how the guests all socialised in the hotel. They talked and walked. And considerably more.

Sort of reminds me of those latter day walking centres. Minus the murders.

I doubt I’d have travelled all the way to Skye had it not been for this novel. The weather was the same, but I couldn’t afford the type of hotel where the guests murder each other.

It’s very romantic. And that’s good. This is another one where I can remember quotes after all those years. I learned a few things, the oddest of them being Gianetta’s mother saying ‘there are the pips’. Puzzled me for years, that did. Kept visualising oranges, somehow.

And before you all write in to say the cover doesn’t fit the story, I’ll just say that it’s purple, which is nice, but you are quite right. It doesn’t. Gianetta did not look like that, because only an idiot would climb the Cuillins wearing a coat and a pert little hat.

5 responses to “Wildfire at Midnight

  1. Why was she avoiding the Coronation? It seems very much against the trend nowadays.

  2. I found this one in our rented cottage in Scotland and enjoyed it immensely. I had expected something cosier, but her story was much more realistic than those of several of her contemporaries. I was very impressed.

  3. Not that I had been born then, but I gather it was the first big, ridiculous fussed-over such event, and Gianetta clearly needed some peace. People bought television sets for the big day, and I believe this hotel she found was free of the little beasts.
    Dorte, I wonder if it was you mentioning this before that set the Mary Stewart thing going? I knew I had commented somewhere.

  4. Glad to inspire people to read & recall good crime fiction.

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