Bookwitch bites #55

On the move.

As you may have gathered, I am on the move again. It’s just a brief trip to Sweden to mow the lawn. You know. And it really wasn’t long ago that I returned home from some trip or other and decided I never wanted to go anywhere again. Or at least for a long long time. Sometimes it’s best when ‘nothing’ happens.

Another recent thought was that I want things to be neat and tidy. So, I would set about tidying and pruning. A little.

It was at that point Son turned up bearing all his worldly goods that weren’t already with us. Plus some of Dodo’s, which just slunk in for the fun of it.

And here we are, Son and witch, on our lawnmower-related travels, a mere five days later. Mad, is what it is. Barely a thing has been put in place, which means that now is not the time to go gallivanting.

Helen Grant has also made a move. This week saw the Grants, including the little Grants and the Grant pets, make the long drive from Belgium to Scotland, where their new home is. Moving is one of the most fraught things you do in life, and gerbils don’t make it any easier.

Moving wasn’t the only thing Helen got up to in early June. Her third novel was published, and that’s the sort of thing that can be quite exhausting on its own. Wish Me Dead, is finally here, and I truly hope both the move and the book will prove to be successful.

The Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne, moved out of his laureate’s office and Julia Donaldson moved in. There has been discussions on who is best suited to do this laureate stuff, and there is quite a lot of truth in what someone said about picking a name that people have heard of. Julia will be very well known to many readers and their parents. I have seen her queues, so I know. They barely move.

If you don’t get a move on right now, you won’t be in with a chance of winning Caroline Lawrence’s first Western Mystery. Chop chop!

Finally, the Harry Potter actors are moving on, and they have one word to say about that.

2 responses to “Bookwitch bites #55

  1. I have a Swedish dentist here who commutes to Sweden every weekend!! Maybe to mow his lawn??

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