This Rough Magic

Mary Stewart, This Rough Magic

Sometimes in Shakespeare I come across a quote I recognise, and I say to myself, ‘that’s a Mary Stewart title’. Which of course is the wrong way round to look at things. Or perhaps it isn’t. Why shouldn’t I learn about Shakespeare through my other reading?

Anyway, I did. And in This Rough Magic it’s The Tempest all the way. This being a romance, we have Lucy who is ‘resting’ from her acting career, and has come to Corfu, where her sister lives, to do the resting. One of the neighbours just happens to be the Shakespeare actor of all times, Sir Julian Gale. And he just happens to have a handsome son, Max Gale.

And the neighbourhood just happens to have mystery involving twins and with a handsome young Greek by the name of Adonis.


Lucy – obviously – stumbles straight into this mystery, and Max – obviously – is also involved, somehow.

It wasn’t just old Shakespeare quotes, though. I learned about the fancy things old actors have in their bathrooms, too. They had many bathrooms, even in those days, or perhaps especially in those days of the early 1960s. They could afford to be rich then. And charming.

Oh, to be able to rattle off a whole lot of Shakespearian quotes!

5 responses to “This Rough Magic

  1. I would love to write a book that uses for its title a really poor Shakespeare quote, for instance: ‘But soft! Here comes my Duke of Gloucester’.

    Actually it’s growing on me already. That guy was good.

  2. Looking forward to it already.

  3. Yes, remember the wonderful feeling of satisfaction when I discovered this as a teenage reader.

    And, Nick: think you should do it!

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