Bookwitch bites #57

Down These Green StreetsSon went to Dublin to buy me a book. Very kind of him. It would have been cheaper to do it some other way, but you have to admit it does have rather a lot of signatures. It’s nowhere near all who contributed to the book, but it’s not bad. I will have to play detective to work out who some of the illegible scribbles belong to. Down These Green Streets, edited by Declan Burke, and with contributions by just about everyone in Ireland.

That same Declan just tried to put me on the spot on his blog, by asking if I know what my child is reading right now. (By which we mean Friday evening. We are not all sitting round the kitchen at dawn on a Saturday.) Happily I could say yes to that. Daughter had grabbed hold of the next Jacqueline Wilson when it arrived in Friday’s post, and she was just finishing it, while the rest of us listened to Son’s complaints about the lack of bus maps in Dublin. And the street map Mother-of-witch bought in Dublin thirty years ago turned out not to be 100% useful, either.

Anyway, the reading challenge had to do with Adrian McKinty’s YA novel Deviant, which will be out later this year. And not March, as I was mislead to say back in January. It’s labelled YA noir, and I have spent this week wondering what that actually stands for. Any useful hints will be welcomed.

Jacqueline Wilson, Sapphire Battersea

The Jacqueline Wilson book is the second novel about Hetty Feather, now calling herself Sapphire Battersea. And the verdict from Daughter was ‘skitbra’, which you will have to accept as meaning really really good. I shall have to find some time before publication in September to reacquaint myself with Hetty as well.

But its those leprechauns who are hijacking my blog post today. Sorry. Declan (yes, him again) interviewed Eoin Colfer a while back, to mark the publication of Plugged.

To restore some kind of national order, I will immediately jump across the sea to Scotland, where Nicola Morgan is inordinately proud of her local bookshop, Sainsbury’s. It’s an award winning bookshop. But Nicola appears to prefer their bacon. And judging by her tale, I suspect that so do Sainsbury’s.

One response to “Bookwitch bites #57

  1. No, I have no idea what my son is reading, I just hope it is math as that is what his exam next week will be about. My daughter raids my books, though, so I have an idea.
    And that is definitely a nice book you have got there, especially if those hieroglyphics are really Irish writers.

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