Orion’s party

Lucy Coats

The first to arrive and the last to go, is how Lucy Coats described herself last night. I have to take her word for it as Daughter and I took slight detour en route for the October Gallery (I have to admit here that it was my fault and Daughter would have made a better job of it) and arrived when things were in – if not full – then some sort of swing. And we didn’t outstay our welcome (at least I hope we didn’t) so weren’t there to witness Lucy washing up at the end.

Orion's party at the October Gallery

Lots of Orion’s very lovely and our favourite authors were there. Lucy, as I said. Caroline Lawrence, who by now will be feeling she has to put up with us every week. Nice to see Mr Lawrence again. Liz Kessler, fresh from ‘research’ along the coast of Norway. The Michelles, Lovric and Paver, and Annabel Pitcher, Angela McAllister and Viv French. I was introduced to Lauren St John, whose book I was reading on the train, getting me into a very St Ivesey mood. Daughter has obviously been around the literary world too long, seeing as she was clinging to the fire escape throwing names about; ‘there’s Francesca Simon, and that’s Tony Ross!’. Right on both counts.

Michelle Lovric and Annabel Pitcher

Boss Fiona Kennedy made a speech, praising her writers. Nina Douglas and Kate Christer had worked hard to organise things, and the October gallery, complete with bones and ‘dead babies’, not to mention glittery paintings was a good place for a party. The weather helped. We were all out in the courtyard in the mild and sunny evening. London at its best.

Caroline Lawrence

Francesca Simon

The courtyard

Among the ‘non-authors’ present were the other Stockport blogger, Wondrous Reads (we’ll have to stop meeting like this, Jenny), Geraldine Brennan (about whom I had a strange but nice dream last week), Julia Eccleshare, Ted Smart, Catherine Clarke, and I am sure I have left out lots of worthy people, but I’ll stop now before I turn into Hello Magazine again. (Better class of people, but too many lists of human beings clutching champagne glasses, if you know what I mean?)

I have a dreadful suspicion that in among everyone in the photos there will lurk someone with a dark secret, or someone committing a crime or an indiscretion or something. If you find anything like that, don’t tell me. I was the one in the flower pot. I noticed a dreadful smell and realised the pot was a geranium pot and I had disturbed the leaves. I hate the smell of geraniums!

9 responses to “Orion’s party

  1. Wow! What a fast and fun report on a fun evening, Ann! And great photos by the talented Helen! It was great to see you both there. C x

  2. I love this event – the food is usually ‘real’ and the venue has lots of quirky appeal, with its two inside areas, and the outside courtyard – unless it got lost in my Inbox (much prefer snailmailed invites) I wasn’t on the guestlist this year 😦
    nice to read this report

  3. Oh Michael! I’m sure it was an oversight! I was particularly looking for you when I was up on the stairs. The food was really good. Low carb… until the brownies and mini-ice-creams!

  4. Um. No washing up, but we did get firmly ushered out at the end. And then there was a small ‘afterparty… So lovely to see you both (and all those other lovely people).

  5. Mini ice creams?! MINI ICE CREAMS?! I only saw the brownies!! 😦

  6. Afterparty? Hmph.
    Michael, I was about to say I didn’t see you. My invite was snailmail, actually. That could be why. My snail is nice, but not infallible.
    Caroline, I spent all night agonising over which photo of you to choose! They are all good, but I could see disapproval looming…

  7. Ann: You chose a great photo!
    Helen: mini-ice-creams in mini-cones with mini-choc-flakes! lol

  8. Apparently there is a variety of gernaium that has the scent of coca-cola – not sure that’d be an improvement, though?

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