The Graduate(s)

Offspring Number One

It was less Dustin Hoffman than Harry Potter. Daughter reckoned the sweeping gowns made her think of good old Snape. Quite.

The hat incident

I may be a graduate. But having ‘done it’ in the wrong country I have not experienced the weirdness of gowned penguins getting hit on the head by an authority figure of sorts.

We travelled to the Athens of the North for Offspring Number One’s graduation, so this is what you get today. Offspring Number Two managed to snap around 600 photos, and I reckon that’s about 550 too many.

The Queen came as well, but she went off and spoke to another group of people, before parading around town, causing traffic problems. Or so I’d like to think, anyway.


Dodo is also a newly baked graduate, and she found to her great surprise that her Celtic (with a soft ‘c’) Studies are doing well. No Rangers Studies, however.

Scottish delight

I was able to say ‘Hej’ to one of Son’s tutors, admired another student’s rather nice purple kilt, and fell completely for the lovely young lady in a red tartan outfit. In fact, this kind of event brings out a good many kilted males, which makes for very pleasant viewing.

With Dodo’s family we repaired to George Square for some photographic frolicking. After which we descended the ancient and steep streets to a veggie restaurant where we spent a few hours over lunch. Except Son who needed to engage in some departmental partying and left early.

McEwan Hall

Fearful of losing Son’s degree certificate we handed it to Dodo to look after. So any mishaps will have nothing to do with me! Then it was all we could do to put ourselves on the train to Grandmother’s house, where we are still recuperating. Let’s hope it’s a while before we have to do this again.


13 responses to “The Graduate(s)

  1. Congratulations to all the graduates. Yes, we do it in funny ways in this country. We had a version of the oath of fealty to an overlord at my university.

  2. Overlord? Sounds like another film. Are you still faithful?

  3. adele geras

    Many, many congratulations to SON! Fantastic stuff…and Edinburgh looks set fair, weatherwise. Hope it keeps that up for the Festival!

  4. Can’t possibly last! I even left my umbrella in the house yesterday.

  5. Congratulations! Sounds/looks like you all had a lovely day

  6. Thanks, Linda. Very jealous of the kilted Dr Strachan, however. Son said he couldn’t carry that sort of thing off in Scotland. School proms were OK, with everyone else ‘being English’.

  7. Love the Snape picture!

    And it’s still sunny, even though it’s now Sunday. It has been sunny and roasting all weekend and we are wondering when “we’ll pay for it”.

    Congrats to all. I’m off to D2’s later this month.

  8. All that sun is worrying me. We even got home and sat in the garden quite late. We’ll pay soon and it will be expensive.
    Oh well, if it’s your second time, Nicola, you’ll know what to do.

  9. Congrats Bookwith you must be very proud! Here is wishing Son a happy, long life. And I LOVE that tartan outfit – do you think they do it in my size?!

  10. Only if you can sit on a person’s shoulders like that. A bit like a horse but smaller.

  11. Congratualations to No 1 offspring 🙂
    I must have done my graduating wrong.No-one hit me on the head. (Although I do have a photo somewhere of me looking like a slightly mobile (and very educated) tent, as the photographer insisted on me sitting down with my elbows out. . .

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