The second day

Here we are again. How did you get on yesterday? Did you have to queue for the toilets? No, I didn’t, either. Nor did I wear Lucy Coats’s pyjamas all day. (Not even part of the day, I’ll have you know.)

What did I do? I watched Mary Hoffman and Anne Rooney drink coffee. (It’s the personal touch that makes festivals such fun.) I watched Lucy Coats reading to three dogs.

And Sam Mills was interviewed by Tyger Drew (whoever he might be), and then she interviewed him back. I’m unsure of what Sam said to make Tyger want to poke his eye out, but there you are.

Tyger Drew and Sam Mills, ABBA festival

I entered competitions to win things. I never do, but then I seem to own most of the books on offer, so I’m best to let others, more needy than myself, win.

And here’s today’s programme for the ABBA online blog festival.

ABBA festival Sunday

I’ve got all my books ready to be signed today. It has to work!

And at least they aren’t starting too frightfully early. I might make it down to the kitchen for 10.30.

5 responses to “The second day

  1. Come on, try again! I know you can do it! A quick jab, and out it comes.
    It hurts a bit at first, but you aren´t a sissy, are you? You know, you can just pop it back in any time; they do it all the time on the telly.

    Or am I letting my imagination run off with me again?

  2. Wasn’t (isn’t) Tyger Drew one of the children in “Outnumbered”, the comedy series on BBC? In fact a quick squizz at Wikipedia indicates that he also plays “Stuck-up Steve” in the new Horrid Henry move. Well you (I) learn something new everyday 🙂

  3. You are rather, Dorte. Nordic noir kind of thinking, that is.

    Tim, are you suggesting I should google everything before I pose a question? (But thank you, dear!) There is a Horrid Henry film? I should know that. Maybe I do know that. Maybe I forgot.

    It’s not stress…………………….
    It’s not.

  4. Witch, dear, I KNOW you weren’t wearing my pyjamas…I was in them all day myself…. Yes, Tyger is the boy from Outnumbered. But he seems to like books a lot. Which is good. And encouraging to us writer people. I hope you’ve enjoyed today too. That Candy Gourlay has done a spiffing video…about belly-buttons.

  5. Thank you! This reminds me – yes, Tyger was telling me about the ‘Horrid Henry’ movie and all the juicy gossip – sadly I can’t remember any of it as my brain got fried from working so hard at the festival. Maybe he was trying to poke his eye out in despair at me mumbling all the way through whilst he was very articulate (fortunately it has been cleverly edited to remove a lot of said mumbling…)

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