Working to rule

I will begin by quoting the very kind and caring comment made by the wonderful Dorte last week, ‘don’t go spoiling your blog readers. Remember you are the boss or they (we) will just begin to take you for granted.’ Tak, Dorte!

The alternative could be that you all go off reading some other blog. As the ever faithful Adèle Geras has said more than once, it is important to blog/publish every day. I don’t on my other blogs, and it shows. I need time off, but as one of my reasons is the almost total freeze of my right hand/fingers up to my shoulder, I can’t do a Blue Peter kind of time off. I don’t have it in me to write ‘here is one I made earlier’. That’s why the recent chat with Caroline Lawrence is going nowhere right now. I had expected it to be finished and published at least a week ago.

As the Retired Children’s Librarian said on the phone the other day, ‘can’t you use your other hand?’. My left hand sometimes does go on the mousepad for simple moves. But it takes longer and I haven’t got all day, you know.

Earlier this year I half considered a regular guest slot, but that also takes time and a lot of typing. I can probably run up a post myself in half the time it takes to invite someone else.

Any ideas?

I will continue to put something on here every day. For a while it might have to amount to no more than a token post. Referring to the heading for this post, I need a union. Except my boss is a hard woman, so it could be it would do no good.

Sjuk älg

Writing this, I just received an email telling me I need a ghost writer. True. But I look like a ghost already, and one is enough.

If you find yourself thinking that a photo or other silly note is just not good enough, may I suggest you try this, or this? And if you are Nicola Morgan I will only say that you could be writing another book, or something. Unless, you too, require a holiday/convalescence/ other poor excuse?

Achoo! (I know. Arms don’t sneeze. What do they do?)

11 responses to “Working to rule

  1. Even people who actually get paid to write get vacations and sick days, after all. I think the advice to write every day is laudable, but I doubt your audience will vanish if you put up picture posts or no posts for awhile.

    Gezundheit to your arm.

  2. Hilary McKay

    I think you should take some time off! I also have the hand freeze and it is not nice. I blame this MacBook Pro, and have gone back to an old fashioned chunky keyboard + pencil and paper for everything except emails and things like this. It helps quite a lot.
    But I thought you had a houseful of lovely students. Cannot they be exploited? I have mine booked to paint the bathrooms (when/if ever the parties stop).
    Get well soon! Hilary

  3. It’s like parenthood. You still do it, only less well. Although I recollect foisting Offspring onto a neighbour when I had fainted. After regaining consciousness, I mean.
    One Offspring has been booked to paint a room. Had a lovely trip to B&Q, chatting to one of their elderly employees for advice on dirty white. Old is good. Except when it’s me.
    Thanks, Seana!

  4. Gosh and golly, Bookwitch! No one expects you to blog through illness, injury and the like! I take back what I said about writing every day and will amend it to: as often as possible. How’s that? Hope you are better very soon.

  5. I’ll be fine! I can always dictate. Would that make me a dictator?

  6. Better less frequent posts than no posts at all because the Bookwitch’s broom has run out of oomph… Of course your readers will understand!

  7. Take a break, madam. One week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, whatever you think you need. Even witches have to rest. Post a return date on the site and everybody will be here when you come back.

  8. Just wish I knew a get-well spell that didn´t backfire!

  9. I’m also typing this with one hand, having slammed a door on my left one! So I have the utmost sympathy, and suggest you take as much time as you need. (I should probably take my own advice, actually!)

  10. rambutanchik

    I think you should definitely become a dictator! (of the enlightened sort, of course). But people will continue to follow your blog however infrequently you post, because we know that your posts are always worth the wait.

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