Some Potter thoughts

I wouldn’t be sitting here blogging away on a Saturday night, if it weren’t for Harry Potter. It’s fashionable to be cynical about the boy wizard, but I don’t see why we should be. If you don’t like him, or have any interest in that direction; then just leave him and his fans alone.

Harry didn’t start me off on either reading or on reading children’s books. I was already doing both. He just set something quite different in motion. I’m not the same, and neither is the rest of the book world. I’m sure lots of books I’ve enjoyed since, would not have been written without Harry.

There was one of the normal sneering articles about him in the Guardian this week. At first I thought the article writer was yet another with opinions formed after very little contact with Harry. Then it turned out she had actually read all the books, and more than once. And she had seen the films. But now she had grown out of Harry Potter.

He’s not an affliction we need to get better from.

I was trying to think back over the last twelve or thirteen years, to understand why Harry Potter has been so good. Apart from the obvious comments one can make about his immense popularity and the wealth he made for J K Rowling, I believe it’s the companionship and the friendships in the books, which make them special. That, and the moral fibre in turning your wizard’s sleeves up in order to do something for the greater good. Not just for a date with someone you fancy. Or better exam results, or a dog.

Launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We’ve still got the orange t-shirt and vest we bought for the night of book seven. There are a lot of things we would never have done had it not been for Harry. And it’s not as if J K simply had money thrown at her by accident. She actually sat down and wrote all those books. It’s a not inconsiderable achievement, unlike the buying of a lottery ticket.

Harry Potter has given me a lot of pleasure. There will be other enjoyable books, but there will never be another Harry. It’s like first impressions. You can’t have a second shot at it.

7 responses to “Some Potter thoughts

  1. Hilary McKay

    Completely agree! Shall not forget that blown-away-by-something-perfect reaction by Offspring 1 and 2 when the first one came out.
    We watched film one last night (Philisopher’s Stone), and the whole family were enchanted all over again.

  2. Apart from the reasons you have already given, I admire Rowlings so much for creating a complete, consistent universe. And for creating Hermione, a wonderful booknerd 😉

  3. Hear, hear! Rowling put nerds on the map, and just for that alone I will remain eternally grateful to her!

  4. My son asks questions about the world that JK Rowling invented, again and again. Anything that grabs his attention so thoroughly, so he’s thinking about it months later, has to be good.

  5. I’m glad to hear it, Keren. I don’t believe millions of children would fall for just any old rubbish if it was put in front of them. Initially I was very disappointed to find it was about wizards, but the books won me over.

    And nerds rule.

  6. we know that J.K Roling is not going to write another book in the harry potter series, but is it possible that she write a book about the story of lord Valdemort, and in the future make it a movie just like the star wars saga. they first publish the episode 4-6, then after many years the story of dart vader. that will be exciting knowing the rise of lord valdemort.

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