Rinsed off

I cleaned up the Solar System this week. It needed doing. I carried it to the bathroom and showered it very carefully. It’s almost as good as new.

Another lovely side effect of the witchy upheavals is that the Astronomy textbook has been found. The Resident IT Consultant had been accused of losing it. And worse, your witch had heard it insinuated that she’d given it to Oxfam. There’s many a bad thing I will do, but there are limits. Even for me.

Although the Solar System is only so big.

The Solar System

3 responses to “Rinsed off

  1. Ooh… lovely picture. Nothing like a quick glimpse of the Solar System on a Monday morning to put the world in perspective!

  2. The way it’s been raining here for several days, I didn’t actually need the bathroom. And some bit or other has now fallen off the solar system. Hope it wasn’t one where my readers happened to be sitting.

  3. Neptune AND Pluto fell of… and the Sun is breaking in the rays. And the hook that held it all up has snapped. So very “carefully” cleaned…. :S

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