A blog card

This tree looks like I feel, except I’ve not been standing out in the wind off the sea for years and years.

Seaside pine

I’m not a massive fan of pine trees generally (if it’s not December and covered in lights), but have always loved this kind of seaside pine with its long needles which look so good against a blue sky.

If you’re small you can climb on it and pretend it’s a horse…

Cough. Not that I’d want to, or anything.

9 responses to “A blog card

  1. You should pop on over to the Monterey Peninsula someday. We’ve got tons down there.

  2. Oh, you Americans! Yours are always bigger and more plentiful.
    Do you ride on them?

  3. It would be an interesting tree to make a broomstick out of. Wonder if it would fly in a straight line!

  4. Hmmm. If this tree and I were alone and unobserved, what would I do? Make a nest? A climbing frame? A ladder to another world a la Jack? Fight it like a dragon? Hang lights and twinkly things to use it as the backdrop for an oh-so-sophisticated cocktail party? Actually, I’d probably just find a comfortable bit and curl up there with a book.

  5. It has many potential uses, doesn’t it?
    And the broomstick would go all over the place.

  6. Its such a shame that we grow up and become self consious. A huge tree blew down when we were kids during a storm and we had days of fun playing in its massive branches until the council cut it up and took it away. 😦

  7. I’m not grown up at all. That’ll be why I think ‘horse’ every time I come past. And I suppose from horse to broomstick is just another kind of ride.

  8. Actually, ours on the Monterey Peninsula have been the victim of some kind of canker in recent years, so I probably won’t tax them further by throwing myself on them, even if I could hobble over and do so.

  9. Ah, but I would! But then I am of a great, imaginative stock with a grandmother who went on having fun until she died at the age of 82. So whenever we children did something funny and our parents watched, she would always join us.

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