Doing swimmingly

Some people are too modest for their own good. This here, is a photo from a charity swim in the Thames for the Alzheimer’s Society, earlier this summer. I know that wild swimming is an ‘in’ activity these days, but this is a step wilder still. (Although I’m puzzled by this ‘wild’ term. I have apparently been wild – swim wise – all my life.)

Charity swim in the Thames

Anyway, modesty. Someone who works in the children’s books world is in there. That’s all I’m allowed to say. He/she is the blob in the bottom right hand corner. I mean, how can anyone tell? You can’t look at this photo and go ‘hey, there I am!’ One blob is much the same as another. No offense intended.

But as sponsored charity events go, I’m impressed by this. Bathing in baked beans is nothing…

2 responses to “Doing swimmingly

  1. My lips are so sealed they will only open for food.

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