It’s been women’s week this week. That’s apparently why it rains. More.

Sweden has its namedays and usually there is enough of a mix that you don’t get single sex weeks, so this week of women’s names – which as luck would have it is only six days long – is the only one. We call it fruntimmersveckan, where fruntimmer isn’t as nice a word as women. It’s more like biddies, perhaps? Correct me if you have a better equivalent to fruntimmer.

Today it’s Kristina, and she is last. Before her we had Sara, Margareta, Johanna, Magdalena and Emma. To complete the week we tend to borrow either Fredrik the day before, or Jakob the day after.

As a young witch I had two complaints about my name, other than the fact that I found it a boring one. It was not the name of a Swedish princess, and it did not come in fruntimmersveckan.

Cakes for 'fruntimmer'

One nice thing for those who have a ‘proper’ name, is all the cake eating that takes place. The magazines are full of cake recipes, and July being the holiday month, people have plenty of time for celebrating. And eating cake. Preferably all week.

One of the – very bad – ideas for a novel I had all those years ago, featured six sisters named Sara and Co. There might have been a brother or two. I don’t think I ever got past the naming of my characters, which is probably just as well.

6 responses to “Fruntimmer

  1. Oh, bookwitch, how wicked you are posting pictures of cake. This custom seems like a jolly good idea, but totally unfair in that it only includes six names.Why not grant yourself an offical name day and celebrate appropriately…

  2. To compensate for the effort involved in buying new floor, we had to have a cake when we got in. I suppose it was all for Kristina.

  3. Biddy? Mmmm, I must remember to use that one – very suitable in a cosy, I am sure.

  4. Why do half your posts make me feel hungry?!! Now I want some cake …..*grumble, grumble*

  5. Next time I ‘go on holiday’ I will just do a week or three of cake pictures.

  6. Its like watching Goodfellas – there is food in every scence and I could mug some one for a bowl of pasta with a vongole sauce after watching it, regardless of the time or whether or not I have already eaten.

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