Time to get excited about the AZC launch

It’s a cool title, albeit weird. I’ve read Absolute Zero Cool, except when I did, it was called something else. Declan Burke (yes, it’s him again) keeps working on his novels, and this one he’s been twiddling with for nine years, or something.

Declan Burke, Absolute Zero Cool - Invite

I still need to read it in its new form, but the paper version has not reached me yet. It can reach you, dear reader, if you pop along to the launch in Dublin. Which is at The Gutter Bookshop (and how apt is that?) on August 10th. I won’t be there. Declan forgot to clear the date with me, so I’m busy.

And you know, you could always pop along just to see John Connolly, who is launching the book. I imagine it will be the usual champagne bottle banged against the book and away it goes.

For a noir crime novel about a hospital porter trying to blow up a hospital, it’s got a really cool cover, wouldn’t you say? Generally I don’t approve of that kind of behaviour, but seeing as the weirdo is called Karlsson he’s got some sympathy from me.

Let’s just say the novel is anything but average, and quite possibly the launch will be un-average too.

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